The Best ERP Software for Sales with POS App is CYGEN ERP Software.

CYGEN ERP Software's Advantages

There are several useful features that will help you develop your business. We are the leading provider of ERP apps. These features will simplify your work and give you full control over your business. CYGEN ERP will help you keep track of your small or local company.

Inventory Management

It has an inventory management system that is fully integrated. Stock details, purchase information, and sale information are all illustrated. Before any product runs out, you will be informed.

Make Better Choices

With accurate reports, you can get a full graphical view of your market, including Accounts, Revenue, Transactions, Inventory, and Customer Service. You will make more educated choices about the company's future.

Remote access is available

With an internet connection, you can run your company from anywhere in the world. You can use our Android app or a browser to get remote access to your sales ERP applications.

Convenient Sales System

A fully integrated Sales system is included in the Cygen ERP programme. A point-of-sale device is available for purchase. There's also a great sales system called GUI POS that can speed up the process.

Support both online and offline

Sales ERP software is a hybrid ERP system that works both online and offline. The offline edition contains all of the same functionality as the online version. On your localhost, all of your data will be saved.

Insertion of Bulk Data

It takes a long time to enter large quantities of data, such as product details. A CSV (excel) file upload option is available in Cygen ERP to help you save time.

Dashboard with a Twist

In the dashboard of Cygen ERP system software, you'll get a complete picture of your market. Our revenue and inventory reports are available in both listed and graphical formats. The dashboard for our sales ERP app is awesome and easy to use.

Integration of an Android POS App

The android pos app can also run the Cygen ERP programme. The android app allows many users to use the software at the same time. All data will be saved in Sales ERP's key folder.

Back up your data

Cygen ERP has a sophisticated Data Backup system that allows you to export the database at any time.

Modules of Cygen ERP Software

To use an ERP system to handle the company's sales and marketing modules. ERP is a piece of software that automates sales and delivery operations for customers, as well as follow-ups and competitor evaluations. Here are some of the Cygen ERP modules.

Lively Dashboard

Any product's dashboard is an important aspect. We create a remarkable dashboard to put all of the critical data about your company to your fingertips. You will find out how many products there are, as well as how many consumers, vendors, and sales there are. A histogram on the dashboard will show you product statistics for each of the most popular products.

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POS image/slideshow in the GUI

To make the sales process simple There are three separate sales processes in Cygen ERP.

  • A New Sale.
  • A POS Sale.
  • GUI POS.

Every sales system has its own system for generating invoices. POS stands for point of sale, and it allows you to perform sales like a pro using a barcode reader. A dynamic sales system known as GUI sale is also available. In this scheme, you don't even need a barcode scanner for sale. On the left side of the window, you'll see all of the product names with photos. To add an invoice, simply hover your mouse over the product.

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Managing Products

To make the sales process simple There are three separate sales processes in Cygen ERP.

  • A New Sale.
  • A POS Sale.
  • GUI POS.

One of the most critical aspects of a business is its commodity. As a consequence, it necessitates a method for complex management. By using a powerful module, ERP software can control product sales. You have complete freedom to create as many categories and units as you want. We make it as easy as possible to add products to your cart. You must select the Add product option and fill in the required details about your product before clicking Submit.

If you have a large number of items and don't want to introduce them one at a time. A bulk upload option is also available. Simply download the sample CSV file, fill out the excel file with all appropriate product details, and upload it. Cygen ERP has a robust inventory management system for managing all of the products. All is at your fingertips: product updates, deletions, barcode and QR code generators.

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software

Sales can be improved with the CRM module. CRM can be very useful in establishing a long-term business. Customers can connect with sales ERP software through an improved CRM system, which keeps track of each customer's individual purchases. The following is a list of these attributes:

  • To keep a record of your customers, you can enter their information in the Add Customer section.
  • Customer Management: Organize and delete your customer's information.
  • Only the credit customer list will be shown in this section.
  • Pad Customer: This is where you'll find a list of paying customers.
  • A customer's advance payment details can be added.
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Management of Accounts

The accounts module is in control of the entire money inflow and outflow. The Accounts module of Sales ERP software can keep track of all account-related transactions such as account, invoice, and credit card transactions.

  • Supplier payment
  • Customer receive
  • Debit & Credit voucher.
  • Journal voucher
  • Voucher approval
  • Cash adjustment
  • Reports
  • Cash book & bank book
  • General ledger & Inventory ledger
  • Trial balance
  • Profit loss
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Stock Control

The flow of all product products is controlled by the stock modules. To keep this flow under control, company ERP software has a fantastic stock management system. You will learn more about each of your product categories by clicking on the following links.

  • To keep a record of your customers, you can enter their information in the Add Customer section.
  • Customer Management: Organize and delete your customer's information.
  • Only the credit customer list will be shown in this section.
  • Pad Customer: This is where you'll find a list of paying customers.
  • A customer's advance payment details can be added.
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Permission by Role

For a company, security is a critical problem. To safeguard your safety The Role Permission module in Cygen ERP is fantastic. You may restrict a specific user's access to your device. Let's say you don't want your salesman to have access to your financial or HR records. As a consequence, you can pick and choose which modules he needs. After that, when a salesperson logs in, they can only see the module they have chosen. You may construct several positions to use.

  • Bill to the vendor.
  • Customers will be sent a debit and credit voucher.
  • Voucher for the Journal.
  • Acceptance of the voucher.
  • A cash adjustment is needed.
  • Formalized reports.
  • Both a cash book and a bank book are used to keep track of money.
  • Stock register and general ledger.
  • Balance test.
  • Profits are down.
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Reports in Real Time

Document writing is a complex and time-consuming job. Cygen ERP has a very useful module called Reports that will help you save time. In Cygen ERP, there are 16 separate reports to choose from. They are as follows:

  • Daily Report.
  • Sale Report.
  • Purchase Report.
  • Due Report.
  • Return Report.
  • Tax Report.
  • Sale Reports by Commodity.
  • Sale Reports by Category.

There's a date filter on every article. This type of report can assist you in making product or category decisions. The benefit report is broken down by invoice. As a consequence, measuring your profit should be easy.

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Management of Human Resources

The Human Resource Management system can assist you in handling human capital efficiently. You'll be able to keep track of all of your staff. Company ERP programme is capable of managing.

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Income Tax
  • Payments
  • Attendance

To keep the company's costs under control Cygen ERP is a fantastic choice. You can easily add your daily expense object, and then add an expense in a flash.

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CYGEN ERP Offerings

CYGEN ERP Offerings We offer the best ERP apps and strive to keep our loyal customers happy. Currently, we have more than 100 clients.

Services Online Offerings Offline Offerings Android / IOS Offerings
CYGEN Modules The online version of CYGEN ERP contains all of the modules you'll need to run your company and keep track of your inventory. The modules in the Offline CYGEN ERP Version are identical to those in the Online CYGEN ERP Version. This version does not need access to the internet. Sales, stock, purchase commodity, accounts, and other main modules of Sales ERP are all available on the Android.
QR/ Barcode Scan CYGEN ERP can be used with any standard QR/barcode scanner. The offline version of CYGEN ERP will bind to a regular QR/barcode scanner as well. The barcode scanner in the Android edition of CYGEN ERP is a smartphone camera.
CYGEN POS Printer Any regular USB/Ethernet/Bluetooth POS printer can work with CYGEN ERP. With CYGEN ERP offline, you can use any reliable USB Ethernet/Bluetooth POS printer. Any standard Bluetooth/USB POS printer will print your receipt using Android CYGEN ERP.
Server To run online CYGEN ERP, you'll need an online server. Offline CYGEN ERP can be installed on a local server on your device or on a CYGEN IOT Package. To run, the Android App needs a CYGEN ERP server, either online or offline.
Cash Drawer
App Integration
Offerings Include Complete application hosted on our platform for CYGEN ERP. Full application installation for CYGEN ERP + Hardware (if needed). Android/iOS app (if you require any customization)
Payment Monthly/Annual One Time with AMC Monthly/Yearly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both options are available, you can choose Monthly or annual subscription, we do customize one of plan with annual maintenance charges. Android and iOS apps are at extra cost.

CYGEN POS Yes, Indeed. The Android & iOS app will Sync all of your data in the ERP under the specified user's.

Yeah, indeed. In Cygen ERP, all reports are produced in PDF format. Printing directly from the app is also an option. XLS & CSV formats also available.

Absolutely. All data from all devices, including data from Android & iOS apps, will be stored in the same database too. The platform is combatable with any screen size.

Absolutely. The software can be installed locally and configured to work with the APPs.

  • Absolutely. Real-time alerts are available for both graphs and charts.

Licensecing Costs

Standard and Extended licenses are the two forms of licenses we sell for our software.

Standard License
  • Life time Update
  • Allowed for particular domain for single entity use only
  • 24/7 Support
  • For personal project only
  • Remote Support
  • Installation at cPanel
Extended License
  • Life time Update
  • Allowed for 5 domains for multi organization/location for a group
  • Support
  • For personal project only
  • Remote Support
  • Installation at cPanel