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Because of its comprehensive approach and real-time reporting, Cygen can help you manage your business faster and more smoothly than other platforms.

Point of sale

CygenPOS provides point-of-sale software for a wide range of industries, including retail, restaurants, salons, spas, and a variety of other small companies. Its adaptable design, configurable billing and ordering layouts make it simple for business owners to install according to their requirements. To learn more about CygenPOS, please visit our website's feature pages..

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Loyalty & Gift Cards

Through the CygenPOS software, Cygen Loyalty is a point-based customer loyalty system. Integrations with more powerful external loyalty software systems will also be supported by CygenPOS. For business, gift cards can be entered or enclosed..

Integrated eComm

Cygen Ordering is an online or mobile ordering solution for retail or restaurant outlets that may be used in a variety of ways, including delivery or in-store/dining-in. Businesses that use CygenPOS can subscribe to this module to enable online ordering via a personalised URL that is unique to their company. This can be used with a single or numerous outlets..

Stock Take – PDT

Stock take is required since it is necessary to have up-to-current real-time stock and to understand the product's average sale and expiration date, as well as the quantity accessible at the time. Use in the wholesale, hospitality, and retail industries to assure accurate stock availability and waste reporting.

QR code Commerce

QR code for Cygen Commerce is an online reservation system that may be used to schedule a table at a restaurant or a salon appointment. Customers can make reservations on a restaurant or salon's website. The customer will receive mobile and email alerts after the reservation request has been submitted to an outlet. When the reservation is confirmed, you will receive similar notifications.


Cygen POS Billing and Inventory Management Software is designed to work in a single system or on a network in a store, with an optional cloud architecture interface to offer cloud Back Office, ERP, and Reports for quick access to store data via online or mobile. Cloud integration uses a sophisticated sync architecture to make data available on the cloud in near real time.


External software applications such as Customer Loyalty, Payment Processing, Enterprise ERP, HR/Payroll portals, and financial accounting systems are all supported by Cygen POS. The architecture of CygenPOS allows for seamless integration of its web platform with any other point-of-sale system. We also have specific build APIs for this. One of the most important aspects of the process is payment gateway integration, which is done directly with the store's accounts with various suppliers.


Cygen Reports is an online reporting tool. Cygen Report is a summary reporting module based on a mobile app that may be used on Android or iOS devices. The business owner is just required to subscribe to Cygen Reports and not to Cygen ERP. Having access to business reports on a mobile device is a fantastic alternative for any single or multiple outlet owner. After subscribing to this module, the owner can travel anywhere in the globe without missing the business summary, and there is no need to call the outlet manager for sales information.

In-Store Pickup

The user specifies a time to pick up from a certain store, and the store team prepares the goods in accordance with the customer's requirements and confirms the arrival time. The integrations are made in order to improve catering results as well. Features allowing clients to connect with stores are available on the web and in the mobile app.


Cygen Signage is a digital display system that may be used in any restaurant or retail location. Digital display displays are linked to tiny computers on a local network to show advertisements or promotional graphics on each screen according to a predetermined timetable. Many outlets and multiple screens in each outlet can be managed using a cloud-based administration module. It makes it easier to effectively display promotions without needing to coordinate with the local outlet management.

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788 Total Outlets Served
5,20,250 Monthly No of Invoices Processed
3,58,651 Unique Inventory Handled

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Start with a 14-day free trial of Cygen software and get it ready for retail in three simple steps.

Setup Hardware

Set up hardware in a store environment using the necessary components; Cygenpos is compatible with a wide range of retail and restaurant hardware.

CSV Upload

To make the Menu live, download our CSV file for Master data and Customer data.


You may easily add, amend, and delete essential inputs in the POS and online platform to make it operational or ready to use.

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Sell at Ease

Use QR codes to connect with customers at the counter, in the take-out line, with catering offers, or with our delivery apps to deliver to customers' homes...

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