Table-Top Ordering

Contactless Ordering Platform with QR Code and NFC

With contactless ordering and payment at the table, you can increase sales while lowering costs.

The hospitality industry is evolving. Customers can now use their own smartphone to scan a smart QR code, order food and drinks, pay, and either have the order delivered to their table or receive a sms notification that the order is ready.


App not Required

Customers scan or touch the menu with their smartphones to display it.

increasing 20sales

Boost Your Profitability

Increase profits while lowering costs with a small investment.



We can connect to your point-of-sale system, include a tablet, and connect to your printers.

Get rid of the buzzers and give the customers a new level of service.

Bars, pubs, fast casual restaurants, cafes, theme parks, beach clubs, food trucks, and other establishments would benefit from this design. Our contactless table ordering system is adaptable to your specific operational needs.

Cygen, a market leader in online ordering systems, will provide you with a lightweight and cost-effective solution that will immediately enhance the customer experience while dramatically increasing revenue.

  • Increase the pace of table service.
  • Labor costs should be reduced.
  • Increase the number of repeat orders.

Say NO to Tablets, Kiosks, Downloads and no more FUSS.

Food ordering apps have spawned a new wave of consumers who demand variety, customization, and instant gratification from the convenience of their own computer. Cygen will take care of the technology while you concentrate on your company.

  • Increase the number of people at the table.
  • Boost your average spending.
  • There is no need to download an app.

The Ordering Process at the Table-Top

With no App to download it's really simple for your customers to not only place the first order, but keep ordering without the hassle of lining up. For families and groups it's even more convenient as they can order and pay for their own items.


To view the menu, tap or scan it.


Place an order and pay for it


Food and beverages are brought to the table.


Customers have the option of leaving or reordering.


You can customise your menu, pricing, photos, specials, and more using the online ordering console. Advanced reporting will provide you with insights into customer behaviour while also allowing you to develop your own customer database for future promotions and marketing activities.

Boost your revenue

Upsells, specials, and discounts entice consumers to increase their order size.

Promotional opportunities

Create exclusive offers and discounts to entice more people to visit your place.

Menus of Insight

Include pictures on your menus to assist consumers in making ordering decisions.

Filtering of Products

Customers can browse or filter your menus according to their preferences, such as vegan or gluten-free.

Implementation at Ease

A web application that is hosted in the cloud. There are no changes to the infrastructure or apps to use.

Take control of your data

In your spot, you don't need another 'marketplace.' You own the customer with Cygen.

Service charges

In your spot, you don't need another 'marketplace.' You own the customer with Cygen.

Safe Payments

In your spot, you don't need another 'marketplace.' You own the customer with Cygen.

Menus that are timed

Specials, day or night-time offerings, and specials can all be shown automatically on menus.

From your Admin Console, you have complete control over your configuration.

You have complete control over your menu, pricing, photos, and specials using the online ordering console. Advanced reporting will provide you with information that you can use to plan future promotions or marketing campaigns.

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